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Virtual Legal Services

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in the beginning of 2020, law firms have transitioned to providing optional virtual consultations and legal services by phone or video conference to minimize contact, and Hammond Law Firm, PLLC is no exception. Understandably, minimizing contact has become a priority for many as they try to limit potential exposure to the COVID-19 virus. As such, these virtual capabilities allow Hammond Law Firm, PLLC to continue helping clients and the community with their legal matters.

So how does booking a virtual consultation work?

Potential new clients wanting a consultation can book directly through this website by clicking “Book Virtual Consultation” above. You will be directed through the payment and booking process from that page. If we need to review documentation to provide you with the best legal opinion during the consultation, we will reach out to you to request such documents. At the time of your scheduled appointment, we will call you and discuss any documentation reviewed, your legal matter, and advise you on your options. If you do not know if your matter is something Hammond Law Firm, PLLC can handle, or if you have any questions, you can call us at 903-716-6668. We can answer any questions and book your consultation on that call.

If after your consultation you decide to hire Hammond Law Firm, PLLC, we will send you an engagement agreement through Docusign that can be signed from your phone or computer as well as an invoice that can be paid by debit or credit card. Once a signed engagement agreement and payment is received, Hammond Law Firm, PLLC can get started on the legal work you hired us to complete.

Contact us today at 903-716-6668 if you have a real estate, business or estate planning matter we can help you with!

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