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Hammond Law Firm, PLLC

Hammond Law Firm, PLLC, proudly serves the city of Tyler, Smith County, and the State of Texas. The cornerstone of the firm is a steadfast commitment to clients, and the legal profession.

Monique Molina Hammond is a highly educated attorney with unwavering integrity who will provide an honest assessment of your case, and the best options available. Fully fluent in both English and Spanish, Monique is an excellent negotiator who strives to resolve matters outside of the courtroom. However, she is also a skilled litigator if the case does go to trial. Monique is someone who not only has a passion for the law, but also for helping people. Whether it concerns business, real estate, or probate, you can rest assured that Hammond Law Firm will work hard to resolve your case quickly and efficiently.



Monique Molina Hammond can meet with you by appointment Monday through Friday. Evening appointments can also be arranged. Contact our office at 903-347-2447, by email at, or fill out the "Contact Us" form. Nuestra abogada habla español.

If would like to schedule a consultation through our online booking system, please click here.

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